FIR Sauna Dome


Weight Loss

Sauna will increase blood flow and remove fat through sweat. Profuse sweating helps to clear out unwanted debris from the body and provides an effective way to burn calories without any exercise


There are many unavoidable toxins that are absorbed into our bodies. If not flushed out, there could be immune system problems which could contribute to disease. Using the Sauna, you have the best device to help get rid of these harmful toxins, a true body detoxification. The abundance of far infrared rays will penetrate your fat storage and help to sweat out fat and toxins.

Pain Relief

The far infrared rays penetrate deep underneath the skin. It has been proven that far infrared heat reduces pain and gives relief to nerve endings in tissues and peripheral nerves. It can help headaches and pains from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. It also helps with inflammation and improves blood flow to injured tissues.

Skin Beautification

Sauna use is a great way to increase blood flow, which is essential for beautiful, glowing skin. By getting rid of dirt underneath the skin, you are allowing yourself to achieve clean skin and soft to the touch. Saunas help to improve skin tone, and helps acne and eczema.


Your cardiovascular system frees up harmful molecules in your blood vessels, allowing your body to flush them out through your sweat glands. Your body produces sweat to cool itself and your heart works at a higher rate to pump blood.