Faradic / EMS Slimming Machine (Electro Muscle Stimulator) or 2-in 1 EMS & Vacuum Lift machine


45 min treatment is equivalent to 6 hours of conventional training

Electro muscular stimulation is a form of stimulating muscles using light painless, electric impulses. Just as our central nervous system sends electrical impulses to control our muscle action, electro muscle stimulation replicates this natural process, sending electrical impulses to muscles from the purpose of burning fat and strengthening muscles in our bodies. However, with EMS treatments, the process can be intensified, reaching deeper muscle layers which are difficult to activate through conventional exercise. Machine also has a heating function for better slimming results.

A standard slimming course comprises of 2 x 45-minute sessions per week, over a 4 week period with 8 treatments per month. Every 45-minute treatment results in the equivalent toning and firming normally attained by up to 6 hours of physical exercise. The treatment improved over blood circulation resulting in the strengthening of the heart, and it also eliminates fatty deposits and toxins by improving the working of the lymphatic glands.


- 45 min treatment is equivalent to 6 hours of conventional training

- Breaks down cellulite cells very effectively by breaking down the collagen build up that causes the lumpy orange like appearance

- Every major muscle group gets activated simultaneously, strengthening the body as a whole. By strengthening the stabilizing and mobilizing muscles also assists in relieving lower back pains

- Muscles are making 25 contractions within one minute, therefore it shortens and tightens flabby muscles and decreases your centimeters on your body

- EMS reduces the toxins in the body so you have a much better energetic and healthy feeling

- EMS slimming machine does the work for you, you can relax and get the workout without the sweat and strain

Includes 20 EMS pads

Option 2: 2-in 1 EMS & Vacuum Lift machine - includes vacuum cups used for breast and butt lift, different cups used for cupping and 3 grease cups for lymph drainage